I'm not really into country music, but it was nice.
Maybe increase the guitar volume a little.
The harmonies were nice.

Lyrics were funny.

You could try making it more interesting with a solo or something.
Slide guitar would work well here.
i agree with the above comment. country isnt really my thing, but this song is fun. increase the volume of the guitar, it sounds a little too thin at this point. and a slide guitar part over top of everything would be great, it would really fill out the sound.
as above, country is really not mine, but an amp modeller for the guitar, a bit of light crunch and some reverb for everything and the mix would benefit hugely.

the performance was good, ican't say something about the genere because i really don't have any clue, but if you mix it up i'll be nice!

thx for the crit
i love it when you hate the world ~ Zuko
same as everyone above i'm not really into country, the guitar needs to be louder, the lyrics aren't too bad, you sung it pretty well even if i didn't like it but thats because of the genre
it sounds pretty much perfect the guitar concerning your performance,

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