Ok so at the moment i am running an epiphone valve junior head through my vox ad30 speaker. I was wondering if buying an orange 2x12 cab and playing my valve junior through it, would make much of a different in the tone? I plan to buy a rocker 30 head later on down the track but dont have the money yet. I have a couple of pedals that i run through my valve junior and i am satisfied with the tone so far.
So is it worth just buying the cab now and saving longer for the rocker head or just save up longer and buy them both together?
You'd get a lot more bass and headroom, plus you'll probably get better quality speakers in it.
Yes, I think it would be a worthy investment, especially if you're plannng on upgrading to a Rocker 30 sometime in the future.

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unless i'm mistaken, current production orange 2x12's come stock with v30's (the "go-to" speaker of choice for many guitarists), and their cab construction is amonst the best out there. it'll help you now, and once you've got that orange head, it'll really sing. what pedals are you currently running (just out of curiosity)?