I'd like some sad, kinda slow pieces, where I don't have to sing, they can be like a little Japanese style or something, and are good for playing for girls.
dont play to get laid, why does everyone think thats what a guitars for??
Have a go at writing your own, thats what I did and it worked!

And it might be a bad stereotype but quite a lot of kids pick up guitar for popularity and dont take it seriously, and tbh, arent good in the end
I'm not trying to get laid, I'm trying to impress the girls I like, trying to get a girlfriend. And I just wanted to get some slow Japanese tabs, but can't find any.

- technical classical piece = lots of guys "Wow man, that was awesome"
- wonderwall by oasis = lots of girls "wow, your voice is amazing"
Don't play to impress girls. The only time you should really play for them is when THEY ask you, and you should play what YOU like.

If you really want a girlfriend stop trying to impress them. UltimateDud is completely right. Guys in general have a better appreciation for guitar pieces than girls do, they're more into Plain White T's and other garbage.

So my advice: If you picked up the guitar for girls, put it back down. If you really wanted to learn guitar, then eventually you want even need to try to impress people.
Play Foxey Lady, complete with pelvic thrusting of a sexual nature and furious tounge movement. She will be physically unable to resist your raw manliness.
Girls don't really care if you can play or not guitar, singing is a whole different story....
If you still want to do it why don't you try You're Beautiful by James Blunt, but I think you shouldn't try sad or love songs if you're not in a romantic moment with THE girl, if you're playing in front of a lot of people try to do something funny and keep them laughing, I think that should work better.
Unless the girl is a musician herself than she isn't really going to care about anything past vocals.
That's how everyone is.. unless you actually play an instrument then you most likely won't understand music the way it is and appreciate it the way a real musician can.

So really, you could play Smoke On The Water and she'd think of it the same as if you played something much more amazing.. most likely.