Well put simply, i need an amp for mostly mainstream rock/pop punk/classic rock, own a couple of pedals ( wah and cheap distortion but can get a CHEAP DS-1 i reckon). Will be used for practice at my sisters plaace, though i also have a headphone amp, but more importantly for practice with a band that'll most likely be 2 guitarists, drum, bass and vox.

But the big issue is i probably only will have 350 AUD to spend. We are nearly 1:1 with the US dollar, but our prices for amps/guitars are a lot higher still. Importing isn't really an option due to shipping costs and voltage differences or w/e

tl;dr: but please do

Need rock amp. have distortion pedal. for jamming (with drums and other guitarists)
AUD 350, can i do it? any suggestions?