hi i play metal to indie ive gt a guitar for indie soo its kool that way but it doesnt do metal hence looking for a metal guitar

ive looked at 2 guitars

schecter damien FR


schecter hellrasier C-1 FR

any advice would be awsome or diffirent guitar i would curtain take a look at

I play through a Vox VT30

Guitars are not made to play a style of music for the most part. The only exception to me is a hollow or semi hollow body and high gain. You can play any music on any guitar.But on to the question.

Go out and play EVERY guitar you can lay your paws on in the price range you have in mind.
The way a guitar feels in your hands will make the biggest difference in how you progress. Just because I love my Epiphone Wilshire does not mean you will even like the thing. I will also guess the problem you are having with getting a metal tone has more to do with your amp then the guitar. Remember it is an electric guitar. A crap amp can make even the best guitar in the world sound like crap. A good amp can make all but the worse guitars produce at least an acceptable sound. YMMV.IMNSHO.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
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whats your price range and what actual bands do you play/ like their tone.

i like red hot chilli peppers metallica slayer nirvana stuff like that

in $ or £