So, after some soundtesting recently, this is my first actual recording.
I used guitar pro for drums and bass, recorded my behringer vintager ac112 amp with a condenser mic directly into a digital multitracker and then exported the .wav files.

Except for the melody in the second verse which is basically the melody of the first chorus, just in reverse, I used no addtional audio editing or any guitar interfaces.
The chorus and main riff parts are recorded 3times, the break is recorded 2times.

The little solos are basically improvisations, the dissonant notes in the solo are played on purpose though.

Amp settings: gain 5, presence 7.5, EQ 5/9/9
Used the emg 85 bridge pickup of my washburn x50profe.

Any suggestions for the sound is appreciated, c4c of course

File is on my profile.
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