Hi guys, I have a problem with playing in tempo for solos, especially really long ones like 20 bars (how do you count?) , cause I tend to improvise over it, then I lose track of time really bad.

Is there tips to keep in time when improvising over the solo??
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Keep tapping your feet, make it a habit. If your on stage then walk to the beat or nod your head, it helps a lot
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Really, all you can do is practice with a metronome a lot more, even when you are not soloing. Its essential to getting right on time. And it will make your playing with other people a lot cleaner
Any recommended exercises with metronomes to help get a better sense of rhythm, other than playing actual songs to it? I was going to post a similar thread on this. I have a lot of trouble with rhythm, especially if there are dotted notes and stuff not directly between or on clicks...
try playing the scales you're using to solo with over a metronome. When you can do that like perfectly then speed it up and eventually just solo over the metronome and you will have pretty good tempo. START OFF SLOW don't sacrifice speed for quality. Have fun dude