Hi guys,

i have been into the local guitar shop today with 200 pounds in my wallet hoping to buy a decent beginner guitar..

unfortunately the only one the place had under 200 was a squier tele custom with the 2 humbucker pick ups in black...

i feel like im being forced to buy this

could people give me some opinions?

tele's have really thin necks. try and get a used guitar you'll save a bunch and get a better guitar
Try an other guitar shop, would should not buy a guitar that you don't like.
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this is my max budget though...

i like the guitar yeah but id rather have a bit of choice...

and also there is only one guitar shop in my city!
ive already looked at a second hand one and its turned up more trouble than i needed lol

is the affinity tele crap?
The squier tele custom has really great pickups, has a light feeling when playing, only bad thing is the frets are sorta like speed bumps... what kind of music are you going to play?

But itd be a great buy for 200
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im looking mainly

rock/indie and some metal...

what do you think to the SCHECTER BLACK HAWK BC1 ive seen one cheap locallyy?
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isnt this american?

or ship to uk ?

It ships to UK but its basically far too much over budget for you:


Vintage guitars, if you Google some of the model names, basically all of them can be found under £200, and their all really good.

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