Good day to you fellow UGer's and Pit monkies.

I am on a mission. My story begins in the year 2002/2003 at the Hard Rock Cafe on Young Street in Toronto. I purchased a pint glass from the store and all was well until my moron roomate smashed the glass beyond recognition while doing the dishes some months ago. The glass had a special logo printed on one side. This graphic looked similar to the following image i have tried to recreate using paint.net. Please dont' laugh, but seriously observe this graphic, for the next steps are important:

Now that you have this image in your brain, here's what i would appreciate: Explore the far reaches of the universe and ask your friends if they have it. I want this image as my next tattoo.

tl;dr - Find me that graphic for a tattoo

I already emailed the Hard Rock Cafe, they pretty much told me GTFO. I have been on eBay and Google Image has nothing. Pit, you are my only hope.
I'll do whatever I can.

In this case: I'll chekc my own HRC stuff, and ask my dad if he's seen it.
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Just get the words 'welcome aboard' tattooed on your penis indtead.
My pen0r tattoo is going to read:
"This end up ->" with the arrow pointing to the tip of my knob.
Why not take that graphic to a tattoo artist, tell them it's like that more drawn better, they'll draw it better and show it to you and you say "Cool, that's it, thanks!" Or, "No, this part looked more like this *explains*" then it's either success or they'll redraw it to your further explanation until you think it's right.
Well Pit, since you have failed me (i really expect nothign less from the Pit) I have decided to build my own font from my memory of said graphic and build it from scratch.

If anyone finds it, please give it to me.
You jump from broken glass to tattoo?

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I'm still looking for that All Is One graphic if anyone knows where the hell i can get it

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You aren't allowed to bump your own thread, double post, or bring back old, dead threads.

He did all of them

Have you......googled it TS?
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