at the moment i have a harley benton 10 watt amp (was about £40). I have quite a broad range of tastes. bands i like and play are AC/DC, tenacious D, arctic monkeys, oasis, the fratellies, flight of the conchords, frans ferdinand, Queen, ledzeplin. Also singers like jason mraz (absolutly no heavy metal or screamo).

im currently looking to buy a £349 Vox valvetronix 100watt, with the £49 foot pedal
it looks pretty good.

i need it for giging and practice and i have no pedalls atall

however this is a massive purchase for me, and i am getting this amp due to the tube amp modeling and massive range of styles it has.

so basically my problem is that i have about £400 and want to make sure that the VT100watt is the right amp for me.

or allternatively if any one has any comments or ideas for improvment of my shopping trolley, i will gladly here them out

cheers :P
ps. also i dont want just a load of hate messages for not being a lover of screamo.

sounds like a good plan to me man; they're decent amps for sure and it def. seems like that would suit your needs.
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For that price you could probably get a proper tube amp rather than a modelling one, although they're not as versatile they tend to sound better. But if you're sure you want to stick to modelling amps the vox is fine.
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Look at Laneys. They should be perfect for you. Especially the LC series.
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