ok guys ive made 2 tones for my lamb of god guitar covers on guitar rig 3 theyve took me bloody ages to make there going towards the sacrament album in the style of tone and i think you will notice wich songs i was trying to replicate when you listen to them.
so what im asking is which is how can i better them?

the purpose of this is for tone not playing skill keep that in mind!

Log Tone 1-http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/xXCRA1GXx/music/all/play725255

Log tone 2-http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/xXCRA1GXx/music/all/play725255
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
well...both of them need some beef added...they sound good...but are very brittle..try adding a little mids