Heyu guys,
yet again I have been watching Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 and I noticed that the guitarist of Los Lobos has his Marshall speaker laid on its side, with the amp sitting on it. Anyone knows what's the reason for that?
To keep from rolling around maybe, if it is on casters. Al that air it's pushing, the thing is probably like a sailboat.
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Yeah, that's probably why. Although doubtful, it could have just been a roadie error. They went on stage right about when the stage itself broke. At the beginning of the show, the stage was supposed to spin around, it had two sides. That way there would be no setup/breakdown period between acts, but the spinning thing broke after the first few bands and they had to scrap that idea. I don't know if they ever mention that on the DVD, I haven't watched the whole thing yet. I was there in '07 as my graduation gift from my dad. Good times.
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If it's a slant cab, he might be trying to distribute the sound better onstage? It could be the casters. Either he's trying to keep it stationary or he might prefer the way it sounds with one whole side resting on the stage, instead of four casters or feet.
If he's like me... his head doesn't fit on top of his cab when it sits right side up...