My roommate has a half poodle, half maltese piece of sh!t, and she (the dog) keeps stealing our socks. If my bedroom is open, the dog will take any socks off my floor and run them downstairs to her owner's room and put them there. She'll do this to other guys in the house with their socks.

Recently she's learned to search through the laundry basket in my closet, picking out only socks and nothing else. She also has just started stealing them from her owner's room and placing them in a corner, and hiding them under a pillow. Are there any valid/funny methods for stopping this dog's sock fetish? We're tired of her stealing them.

tl;dr My roommate's dog keep stealing everybody's socks, is there a way to train her so she stops taking socks?
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Shut your door?

I could, but I like keeping my door open to be social. My roommates often come over to hang out and vice versa. I'd also like to not have to change my living habits for a dog (this includes picking up my laundry off my floor).
keep your socks in your dresser, close your closet door, close your room door.

or punt the shit out of it, because its not a dog, its a rat.
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does your dog swallow?
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My dog used to do that all the time. Eventually they stop, you just gotta wait a while.
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yeah, hot sauce on the sock is a good idea, it'll learn quickly haha
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Jerk it in the socks THEN leave 'em on the floor, your roomate will teach the dog not to bring him socks anymore when he gets a house full of cum socks everywhere.
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i know it sounds weird but coat mustard (soemthing quite strong) on a pair of your socks, that will stop him for doing it again
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My dogs do that all the time. It's cute. They're just trying to give their owner a gift, lol.

Seriously though just be careful where you leave your socks.
Soak all your socks in really hot chili.
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