Hey fellas

Been working on the song "The Count of Tuscany" by Dream Theater and, as you may or may not know, their songs are so damn long. This one is about 38 minutes long. The same goes for a lot of dream theater's other songs.

I'm just curious, has anyone learned any of their songs?? It's gona take me ages, especially due to the complexity of the song. As of today I've learned up to about 5 minutes into this song and believe me, it took me a lot longer than 5 minutes to learn.

Anyway, I'm just curious to know how fast you have learned this or any of Dream Theater's never ending songs. If you tell me in a day or two, I'm gona assume you didn't shower or sleep for these 48 hours!

So how goes it!!
I have no earthly idea how they can even remember what to play next when it comes to things like "Octavarium".
The biggest Dream Theater achievement I have made is that I learned the first five minutes of "In The Presence of Enemies Part I" which is basically the instrumental part before James Labrie starts singing. I learned EVERYTHING, which meant I spent about 2 weeks failing on the crazy shredding part where he's going all over the fretboard a bit before the clean reprise of the main theme.
It was hard, but learning that was a leap in my playing abilities.
The Count of Tuscany is just under 19 minutes, not 38.

I haven't learned any of there really long songs, but I am in the process of learning White Walls, by Between the Buried and Me. Which is 14 minutes, but the rythym and general playing is much more complex than most Dream Theater songs.
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I don't really know anything about BTBAM but they've got to have songs with complexity up the ass to compare to Dream Theater, especially if you're saying they're MORE complex.
Petrucci is insane, so they're pretty crazy as is.
Oh it is 19. Either way, that's one hell of a long song.

Never heard of BTBAM but saying that their songs are more complex than Dream Theaters boggles me. Right when I thought it couldn't get any more difficult. I'm gona check these guys out and see for myself if this is true.
I tried learning 'ants of the sky' by BTBAM. It was difficult and I kinda gave up halfway because I suck major but I got a lot better because of it. Dream theater would aslo be great to learn (boost your skill) I took a glance at 'the dark eternal night' and it looks like it would be very good. so . . . yeah BTBAM and Dream Theater both rule.
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If you're looking for a DT song to learn, Constant Motion is fun as heck to play and it doesn't take as long to get the hang of as some of their stuff.
There are some pretty intense riffs in that song Doodleface but I still believe that DT has more complexity in their songs.

I love Constant motion and it is definitely on my list of songs to learn. I still plan on learning a good chunk of the count of tuscany and hopefully the full song. If I can accomplish this goal I'll record and post the video on here for you guys to check out.
BTBAM dosent have a song called Doodleface.

He was referring to the person Doodleface who posted further up here
IMO blake richardson ( drummer of BTBAM ) is better than Portnoy, dont get me wrong portnoy is amazing, but blake is the shit........petrucci is amazing tho, i like paul's(BTBAM ) sweeping better and i like that he dosnt solo every song like petucci......but on topic, i tried learning some of DTs stuff, but im not that good (i play drums most often)
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