Well Well!

Here is another go at some prog, this time a little mellow acoustic piece with ofcourse weird time signatures and weird progressions. Turned out pretty good IMO!

One or two disjoined bits, but that's basically it I think..

Would love some critique on this one!!!


Does anyone else not see attachments, while I actually added them?
It says they're "In Progress..."... Let's wait then.

They're here!
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Hey dude

I thought it was good - really pretty sounding, the time sigs dont distract from the overall song which is good. I'm not a huge fan of the run in bar 17 though, seems a little forced.

Is it an instrumental or do you plan to have vocals over the top? It could work both ways, however if an instrumental I think it could benefit by just beefing up the sound a bit with some bass and perhaps some light strings and such. They could help it climax more by just having a bit more of a wall of sound - it would bring about more obvious tension and release.

Overall I thought it was good, never got boring and had some interesting melodies. Would like to hear the finish product recorded .

If you have time could you crit mine (in sig) - It also has a few time changes in it etc.
cheers for the crit, seems a bit weird the time sigs, it could be a problem when coming to add vocals or if you ever choose to add any other instrument, the chord changes seem quite original, i like the change at bar 31 it kinda moves the song in another direction, it could maybe do with restructuring a bit : intro, verse, chorus etc...
i like the arpeggio(at least i think that's what there called) in the intro but could do with changing after maybe try some sycronised notes (playing two stings at he same time)
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Thanks for your crit first.

Pretty nice tune. While I listened to it I thought it was screaming for some piano work. I don't know why but some piano melody popped into my head instantly. Have you considered adding a piano?
The piece itself has a nice progression and I liked the originality. I have to agree with Bloodsick, a baseline would really help. The way it is right now, it sounds a little thin, I thoght.
i listend to the 1st midi attachment. cool sound. i think on real keys it would be great. good playing if you will. nice melody. i think this could be a good intermental if you added drums/bass ect. good stuff man. i like it. nice and short and doesetn drag on.

thanks for the crit.