Hey UG,

I need a change of strings, i currently use D'addario 10's but iv found that they are wearing out quickly. Iv looked up some strings and im thinking of getting GHS Boomers, i was thinking of getting the TNT 0.10-0.52 gauge, what are these like how do they play?? Iv used ernie ball strings before but i wasnt too keen so...

I will be putting them on a strat and playing blues/rock/funk

Will these the Boomers be ok or should i get others?

Thanks UG
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boomers are ok...they arent my favorite strings...

i use either elixers or dean markley blue steels...by far the best 2 sets ive ever played
i use the ghs boomers .10 they play very well and have a ****in awesome sound but they only last me about two weeks, but then again i do play like three to four hours a day, i hate D addario and ernie balls are ok i guess but the boomers are the shit.

but like i said from my experience they dont last a very long time.
you are all wrong.use skull strings, they just don't wear out!i've had a set on my guitar for >1 year, and the strings feel and sound as new as ever.