Hey guys.

I decided to buy an acoustic guitar a few months ago after playing electric ( and only electric ) for tree years.

I didnt know much about acoustics. After a chat with some locale music store clerks and some testing i ended up with a "Takamine TA 341S".

It sounded nice at first, but after two months i decided to change my strings.
I didnt know which strings that already was in use, so i just purchased what the guy in the store gave me. Earnie Ball, Super Slinky Acoustic custom .52 - .11.

I changed all my strings at once.
Now the sound in my guitar sucks! The tone is so flat and cold, and i dont know what to do.

Was it wrong to change all strings at once ? Does Earnie Ball suck ?

Is this and issue for a guitar technician ?

Please point me in a direction!
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It could very well just be that you don't like the sound of the strings. Different strings sound different on different guitars.

Honesty, the best solution is just to go out and try as many brands as possible. Of course this takes time, but by doing so you'll find out what brand you really like.

Try this master strings thread and just look around for what you need. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20614684

There are a few threads with reviews about strings.
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