ok ug im thinkin of starting a band with my friend. but there is a problem he believes in only newer radio friendly rock music and i am completely into slas and rhoads. i am also the better guitarist no pun intendeed but should i pretty much just tell him what were playin or what
also i cant just forget about it cause he is the only other musicain in my ssmall town tht i can jam with
To the way you worded and spelled that:

But really...This belongs in the Bandleading forum
But...why don;t you just try and blend your two styles together...don't try and imitate someone else's sound and style, find your own style and go with it
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i dig that picture, rofl.
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As a fellow PA rock musician, I completely understand. I have found that it's better to do a little of both. He's right in saying that radio-friendly music will get you farther. It's a little bit of a sell-out move, but the alternative is going absolutely nowhere.

However, don't forget your roots. If I remember Slash had a little band called Guns N Roses. They did ok. I think Rhoads was in a band fronted by...hmmm...Ozzy? Obviously, I'm being sarcastic. GNR and Ozzy are both legendary with both legendary guitarists playing radio-unfriendly music.

Radio-friendly music will get your name out. With more supporters behind you, introduce the radio-unfriendly music into the set. If it's good it won't occur to people that it's not what you hear on the radio.

A good example IMO is Nickelback. They got huge with How You Remind Me. Radio-friendly. Hero, Photograph, Rockstar, etc. all radio-friendly. Mixed in with that they had heavy, solo-laden, in-your-face songs like Burn It to the Ground, Animals, Side of a Bullet, and Too Bad. They mix the sell-out w/ what they really want to play and it worked out well for them.

Hope this helps.

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