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Season One
20 65%
Season Two
4 13%
7 23%
Voters: 31.
I recently got into metalocalypse, but have not seen all episodes. I've only seen about 3 or 4, but I think I want to get one of the seasons. I guess the question is, are the seasons really worth getting, and if they are, which one should I get?
Series 1 is the best. Series 2 is good, but not as good.
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One for sure.
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how about
you watch season one, then two in chronologica order, just for the lols
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i can't stand the voice actors in season 1, especially murder face. SO OBNOXIOUS. season two is when the writers/actors started to get in the groove of things. the characters are more developed/dynamic.
Season 1 hands down. How are you gonna plan on getting a show on DVD and not start at the beginning?
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Season 1 hands down. How are you gonna plan on getting a show on DVD and not start at the beginning?

yes and considering metalocalypse actually has a story that follows in chronological order. Unlike some adultswim shows.....

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I dont watch enough metalocalypse to tell the difference between the seasons
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