I think its a good start. Your not off key or bad by any stretch of the imagination. I think you need a little more confidence to sing a bit louder and not so breathy. You know what I mean? Just commit to what your doing and show some passion!
super quiet. be more confident. belt it out
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Sorry man, I only know how to program in Db.

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I'm so underground that I make up bands and songs in my head and don't tell anyone about them.
You got a nice voise, but you have to use more of your body to push more air out your mouth, know what I mean?
my bands bassist has the same problem. hes singing while we look for a new singer and he doesnt really sing he just kinda talks loud u gotta put more power in your voice when you sing. if youve seen metal: a headbangers journey bruce dickinson (of iron maiden) talks about how he tries to sing as if he was singing without a microphone so it makes the person in the back feel like they are closer. also when your singing your voice should be much louder than the guitar when your not playin through an amp