Ok, my first post here, hope you can help me.

I've got the Peavey Bandit amp and now looking for a pedal to plug in it. I like the sound of it, but sometimes I think it's too "dry" so i've been looking for the Boss DD-3 (or DD-7, don't really know the difference), to add a little delay. But I've also been looking for the ME-70, which is a multi-effect pedal for nearly the double cost.
Is it true that you don't get as good sound from a ME-70 as you would get from your amp? Or does anyone have this combination, and maybe could tell me a little of what you think?
Also if you have the DD-3/7, or any other delay pedal - please write something!!

Thanks in advance
Hey man. The bandit amps are great little solid state amps. The ME-70 are basically just all the boss stomp boxes in one digital effects unit. I would probably just get a delay pedal. If you are going to go with boss get the dd-7 cause it has tap tempo and once you use tap tempo you will find a delay pedal without it is kinds useless. If you want spend that kind of money i would go with the line 6 tonecore echo park delay pedal. They are nice. but i personaly LOVE the behringher dd-400 it is everything the boss is without the price tag. I had a dd3 then upgraded to a dd7 then got the behringher and i like the behringer the best.
I used a bandit for years - gigging, rehearsing, recording, everything. Wasn't crazy about the on-board overdrive channels, though. I always ran a boss ds-2 turbo distortion into it and got some really great tones. Sometimes I even put it through the vintage drive channel. Kind of gave me a three channel amp! As far as modulation effects etc - it takes pretty much any pedal well. If I were you I'd stay far away from multi effects. The digital processors in most of them sound, well, digital, and sterile... Just my opinion.

Is what some junkies refer to heroin as. For me it's just loads of wires and good sturdy housing, but just as addictive.
Ok, thanks Gerard. Then I step away from the Boss ME-70 for now (and probably forever). When it comes to wah wah-pedal, is it the Dunlop's Cry Baby that is the most recommended?