I'm talking about the original not the 535q version.

My basic GCB-95 Crybaby is possibly broken, so I was wondering if this an alright wah?

It looks very versatile which is key, I play some Hammett style leads on wah along with other Hendrix bluesy type things and a lot in between.

Opinions on the wah are appreciated.
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I always recommend the Ibanez WD-7. Sounds like butter, and fully adjustable (I mean FULLY adjustable). You can adjust the range of the filter, the sharpness of the sweep, the gain boost or cut that the wah puts in your tone, the amount of bass in your wah, and it's available in footswitchable (with a clearly located, large switch) or automatic operation, AND as if that all weren't enough, it's got a nifty switch that switches between low and high wah settings. Among other things this means it's suitable for use with a bass.

Plus it's only a hundred bucks, which is the best hundred bucks you will EVER spend on a wah.

Just to give you an idea of the range this wah is capable of:

With the bass dialed to middle, the Q set all the way up, and the range at about 75%, it sounds like Steve Vai's signature bad horsie. Roll back the Q and turn up the bass, move the range down to about half way, and it sounds like hendrix's wah. Flip the bass switch, crank the distortion, your guitar sounds like it's belching out the prophecy that describes the apocalypse.

It's hands down the best wah, period. It doesn't even suck your tone.
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