It exited the dark tainted cave,
it came out and right on in,
I thought I was being brave,
but I would soon learn
revenge does not pay

dew-covered shoes,
tiles on the floor,
Vessel in hand,
no idea what I had in store

first and only step down the stairs,
vessel out of hand and now in the air,
hit rock bottom thought it was over,
only to hear the witness say
"what smells like a stinky clover?"

wanted to leave, called my pops
half-assed cleaned my mess and went off,
Out followed the victim ready to blame,
Out came the witness to document this 5 mintues of fame

Not wanting the victim to get his say,
I hopped in the car and said go go go
we have to get away
It was too late
and now this memory will never fray,
the memory of slipping, falling
and getting feces all over the hallway
WHAT? in the world is this about? (p.s. I'm illiterate and can't analyze lyrics for crap)