I'd like to get to know more about jazz. I like ska so recommendations of jazz bands where brass instruments have an important role would be good(old school and new school if possible). What are the types different types of jazz that I would like?

I developed interest in jazz after hearing a song by a band from Montreal I think they're important in jazz and some of the members come from Lebanon if you have any idea about which band it could be please help me out.

Thank you
Pretty much every jazz combo will have horns.

Before you listen to anything else, check out moanin' by charles mingus - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__OSyznVDOY (this version is not mingus himself, it is the mingus tribute big band, but it's still amazing)
If that tickles your pickle, pick up mingus's albums "blues and roots" and "black saint and the sinner lady" as fast as you can.

Judging by your ska background I'd guess you'd like big band stuff here's some other guesses.
Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay - http://www.kundor.org/pub/06%20Red%20Clay%20(Live%20Version).mp3
I think you'd like Dave Holland's work with his big band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_NAN4cw_hw (that's a dave holland composition but it's not his band, but chris potter is amazing so it's all good!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHN9pEl37Fk that one is great too

I used to play with a ska band years ago, used to be all I listened too, haha. Maybe you already know about them but every ska fan should have some stuff by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra in their collection, and they have a lot of jazzy songs themselves.
Here they do their ska version of the jazz standard caravan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsjBv6aZHL0

Hope you enjoy some of this stuff
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a real book is not going to help someone just getting into jazz, it'd be a waste of money
The thread starter was asking for help getting into LISTENING to jazz, not playing it. I would have a very hard time believing anyone could get into jazz via real book, those are for gigging jazz musicians.
two jazz guitarists you should really familiarise yourself with are joe pass and jim hall.

stay away from smooth jazz and its shitty 2 chord vamps. NEVER listen to metheny trios.
oh come on, pat methany is a good listen. i mean it is sometimes kinda out there and slow but it can be appreciated. my favorite jazz artist isn't a guitar player, but dave brubeck has a lot of cool stuff out there. i recently got into João Gilberto (the guy who did Girl from impanema) he's pretty good to chill out to. And if your into brass then definately check out John Coltrane ans Miles Davis.
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NEVER listen to metheny trios.

I will say this, I have tremendous respect for Pat Metheny and the work that he has done in the jazz idiom - but there is a ton of material and some of it is remarkably lame and dated, and some incredibly fresh and hip.

I mean I was listening to a live session by the Pat Metheny group at the Blue Note from 1979, and most of it was some real cheesy and uninspired stuff (though his playing is top notch) - just the content, is pretty lame.

but then again, listening to his work with Jaco back in the day, or his more modern outings with say pianist Brad Mehldau, or the supergroup including Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland, and Jack DeJohnette is simply stellar.

I sometimes get a little ticked off by his guitar sound - I mean it is severely lacking in testicular material.