Hey guys, just finished recording this today. Drums, Bass, Guitar, no Vox (I'm not even going to try.)

Couple of questions to anyone that wouldn't mind answering:

Anything i can do to get the tone of the solo to sound more like the original? The one in this recording was just like a temp thing so that i could have a complete song.

My guitar is a Squier Jagmaster, running through a DS-1 into a Randall Pro-Tube 1000.

Also, to anyone who knows EQ, i'm trying to get the bass to not ring out as much, but still be prominent. Any ideas?


Please give feedback!
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
It sounds pretty authentic, imo. On the solo you could try to find a new tone altogether, or look up his pedal board, that should point you in the right direction. And try turning up the mids on your bass and cut the highs, that should help with the ringing, along with a more staccato approach. Although i think you should have brought out the drums a little more, they sound a bit quiet to me but it could be my speakers. C4C

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