I think I've got it narrowed down, the Schecter:


and the Ibanez:


I'll be playing Dream Theater. Lots of it.

My problems: The Ibanez has worse pickups, and a Floating Trem. The Schecter doesn't have the Ibanez feel to it.

I currently have an Ibanez RG370, and I love it. Any suggestions as to which I should get..?
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Well, if you like the RG370, get the Ibanez. Pickups are replaceable.
See above post ^
I suggest the ibanez, because it will be easier to get used to the neck seeing as you already have an ibanez.
I own a C-7, and I cannot wait to get rid of it. I have played RG7's and wouldn't mind owning one. I say go Ibanez!
I have a hellraiser 7 and cant wait to get rid of it. Great build quality but

a) the neck is huge, b) the frets are too large c) the scale makes things even harder d) its all mahogany and ebony so my dark amp sounds shit with it d) the pickups failed on me and i didnt like them anyway because they werent as hot as my others.

I have 2 s series and love them...or even one if you consider using 2 guitar with a 24 fret guitar you can setup in C standard and still have 20 frets to play with and use a capo for any E or D standard stuff. Cheaper than a robot guitar lol!
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