Ok so i am in the process of possibly making a trade with a guy for a les paul jr. DOUBLE CUTAWAY ... problem is i cant find anything on this guitar, he says the sales guy told him it was meant for the japanese market and that the only way to get one here is to get the custom shop model, which is the only one i can find anywhere(it has a blond finish, this one has a cherry). I found revirews on harmony central but they are all for a two p-90's this has one like the custom shop model. He said its a 2006 model or atleast he thinks it is, my question is why cant i find one online anywhere, what can you tell me about it, and what is a fair price. any info you might have will be appreciated.
well i actually think i know what guitar your talking about. I know a guy who had two gibson double cut away's, both pretty high end guitars. I don't know if it was a les paul jr. though, because these were both really nice guitars and the title of jr. just doesn't quite sit well with the quality of these things. i know that sounds dumb... but yes gibson did make double cut aways, but not many since most people hated them. if you just google gibson double cut away you get a ton of results... so i wouldn't be surprised if they made a jr. version of it.

Is it a Gibson? Glossy or faded finish? It sounds like an LP Junior Doublecut. My brother has the two-pickup version (not custom shop) and loves it, and I like it a lot too, but I'm not aware of a DC Jr outside of the custom shop. You might be getting ripped off, I haven't heard of anything like this, and I'm unaware of Gibson making special low-end guitars for foreign markets. Of course, someone smarter than I may come in in just a second and prove me wrong. I'd still be a bit cautious, though. Have you played it yet? Did YOU like it? Those are the most important questions.
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The Double Cutaway Gibson Les Paul was marketed as the Les Paul DC series from 1997 until about 2002 (though some version of it may still be in production). The Les Paul DC series included the Pro, the Standard and the Studio (in descending order of fancy options). They are fine guitars, but they never caught on with the Gibson crowd because the Les Paul is such an iconic guitar in its traditional form.
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thanks for the replies guys... its not faded its a high gloss nitro cherry finish, the thing that doesnt make sense is the one p-90 vs the two p-90 set up... the only single p-90's i can find are vintage, and vintage re issue custom shop..... do you know if the dc series had one or two p-90's fatalgear41?
I didn't see that you stated in your original post that it was a Junior (my eyes ain't what they used to be). If it has one p-90, what you have is a reissue of the 1961-1963 Les Paul Junior (some people call it the SG Junior for some strange reason). The Junior came in single and double cutaway versions. Both came standard with a single P-90 pickup. The most common finish for the Double Cutaway Les Paul Junior was "TV Yellow," which is a blonde/mustard color that was supposed to appear yellow when shown on cheap 1950s TV sets. I've seen them in other colors, though. The single cutaway version has become very popular, especially since Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day had a Signature version made by Gibson in the last few years. Both the single and double cutaway Les Paul Juniors are pretty good guitars; considering how basic they are. If it comes with the traditional all-in-one tailpiece and bridge, you might run into intonation problems. Fear not, as many companies make an adjustable bridge to fit these guitars that doesn't require modification.
k so next question should i jump on this thing since i cant seem to find one anywhere online?? there are a couple dudes on youtube that are playing them but i cant find one to buy anywhere
If you like it, then absolutely you should get it. It's a good guitar, and Gibsons traditionally hold their value very well. Gibson currently offers that guitar only as a US$3500.00 Custom Shop option, so it doesn't look like they'll be offering a regular production version of it anytime soon. It should serve you well.