So I was browsing my local pawn shop to see what pedals they have and saw the usual Metal Zones, off-brand multi-effect processors, etc., when I saw a Digitech Digidelay for $70- $30 cheaper than what Guitar Center has it for. I do need a delay pedal, and it's got good reviews at Guitar Center's website (but then again, they also give 5 stars to Spider IIIs...), and this looks good to me. Is this a good deal I should jump on? Or should I just wait till I can save up for something better (heard the DL-8's really good)?
why wouldnt spider III's get five stars?.....

anyway. i wouldnt look into a delta labs delay its in the same price range

digitiech doesnt make the best products in my opinioon

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Quote by joe_k
only 30% off a used product and in a pawn shop. definately try and get the price down way further.

Can you haggle with pawn shop owners? They don't seem like they'd be the type to haggle... But I wouldn't really know, I could be wrong.
you can haggle the hell out of them. just go in really often and see what they have. say something like, that has been sitting here for ages i'll give you $45.