so im gona have about a 1200 dollar budget for my next guitar, im thinking about getting a Xiphos 27 (cause the access and niftyness havnt made up my mind entirely tho) and putting new pick ups in it and getting some other stuff for my rig. im set on putting a black out in it for the bridge, but the front i have no idea, i need a good single coil pick up that would be good for sweeping and shredding, like rusty cooley stuff and neo classical. im not set on getting the Xiphos, but its at the top of the list right now cause the 27 frets and being good looking, but its still up in the air, im looking at RR5Frs too but then they only have 22 frets... so any suggestions are open
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well, if you're getting black outs then I highly suggest an active single coil in the neck, unless you want some more complex wiring (see SomeoneYouKnew's thread)
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if so, get the bc rich tribute stealth, alder, neck thru, 24 fret, single dimarzio X2N in the bridge...

i think depending on what currancy that is, you could buy it.


and im my opinion, the stealth is 10,000x better looking than the xiphos, warrior, ect.
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