So a teen in my area faked his own death on a webcam. what is the criminal charge for it? (yes i know its a stupid thing to do and is not protected under the first amendment as it is an obscene speech/ action i just dont know what the actual charge is for it.) Is it like a charge for endangering the welfare of others or something? http://www.switched.com/2009/10/23/teen-charged-for-ketchup-soaked-suicide-prank-video/
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I've never heard of it. But Ironically, my highschool sports teams were known as the Logan Berries.

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Suicide's illegal, last I heard. So is faking your death.
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Why would sucide be illigal, I mean, its your choice if you want to kill yourself, stupid government trying to tell us that we cant even kill ourselves at our own will.

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But, since he faked it, he shouldent be arrested, just have his ass kicked.
That kid need to be beaten!
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