The translation of the title is "Dance of the Fools," and this piece is a guitar duet I've been working very hard on recently. It's free form in structure and is in 6/8 for the majority of the time. There's the obvious Spanish theme, and I tried to experiment in combining a rock sound to classical structure, keeping it simple by using only two guitars. I know this will definatly not be everyone's style but please critique to the best of your ability, and C4C as always. Thanks!
Danza De Los Tontos.zip
Man this is a long song :P
So It sounds pretty awesome.
Some parts seem like they have too much dissinece and it would sound nicer if they went to a resolve more often. I really liked the solos around bar 100 to the end. Nice Dynamics.The A' section was really catchy perhaps put some ethnic sort of percussion in this piece. And overall I really like the style very original.
First off, thanks for critting my piece


A gives a weird kind off feel to it, because of the way the acoustic guitar is in the background, yet it is strangely appealing.

I really like B, you can hear the spanish theme you're talking about, but it also manages to give a kind off bluesy feel

A' sounds good too, but I think it needs something more or something else in the background, besides the chords on the acoustic guitar, these may cause it to be too much of the same maybe ?
from bar 44 down to section C I really love it, because of the calm parts that are added in.

Section C is just awesome, I love how it first gives you a classical feel, but manages to change into more of a jazzy feel, and than again changing into a happier part at bar 79

D is an excellent sounding jazzy part

Not much to say about B' , I like it

A'' provides a well fitting transition back to a more spanish sounding section

Ending is very good, nice guitar work, and I think it comes at just the right time

All in all it's a great song, it just needs something more in some place, and maybe ( like the guy above me said) a little less dissonance between the two tracks in some places, but I enjoyed listening to it
nice piece
a & b didnt really amuse me much but from then on the song caught on
the transitional lead from B to C is good
the C part is my favourite
i didnt really like the dead notes idea in D
B' is another good part, my 2nd fav for the song, gives a sort of strange ( good way ) feeling
A" is fine
the ending caught me off again..but great job on the ending ! esp. the lead guitar
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1223340
This song sounds awful sorry dude, it isnt my thing! im not a huge fan of random dissonance
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A sounds like Hendrix ate Spain.
B really's got some awesome melody going. I love the scale you've got going.
C is perfect. It's beautiful as.
D sounds like it belongs in a Casino.
B and A are awesome and the solos are smexy.
Ending is epic.
I love it, and I don't really like random dissonance either.
Haha thanks for all the positive comments so far guys!

And Marskell, the dissonance isn't random, I actually planned everything out and is used to create a certain effect and atmosphere. It's fine if you don't like it, it's not for everyone. This piece is one of my most way out there pieces, so I understand. But just understand that none of it is random :P
Thanks a lot for your crit on mine, it's appreciated.


At first, i thought, what the **** is this, but it really does sound cool. Sometimes, dissonance doesn't work, but you've used it to great effect on this piece. But, as somebody said earlier in the thread, it may have been better for it to come to more of a resolve sometimes.

I also really liked the part labeled 'A, this really reminds me of Dream Theater. It also reminds me of, dare i say, some of the pokemon battle songs.

I think this piece would sound truly awesome played on a piano, but it's boss as it is.

Well Done!
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ill give you a longer crit later but this is quite the work of art. you managed to mix "spanish" guitar with dissonance, which came out awesome.
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it's decent, but i don't think you used dissonance too well. i think you need to focus more on creating interesting melodies and rhythms, and then work the dissonance into that. some parts do that alright, but most of the song lacks a solid melody or anything that really holds the piece together.

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Haha Pokemon battle themes...classic stuff! I actually hinted at the JENOVA theme from FF7 actually in the A' section during a transition. It's there if you look hard enough :p And I dunno if it's a work of art, but I did work really hard on it and was aiming for a different combination of genres.

most of the song lacks a solid melody or anything that really holds the piece together.

Can you elaborate on this? I don't really see how it lacks a melody, as I made sure almost every section had a melody it was developing around. Maybe it's how you're listening to it. And with the dissonance, I think it's more of your taste in how you like it to be used. I've heard it used like I have many times and have always enjoyed it. It really just boils down to taste and what you're used to. This piece is really different to other things I've done, or even just heard in general.
i think it's actually really just section d that soured my impression of the song. i think you should really take it out. it really doesn't use dissonance well at all and it just comes across as random shit, especially with those random octaves. upon second listen, you use dissonance in most parts pretty well, but i still feel like it would benefit from maybe a little bit more consonance in some parts, because the dissonance is often so overpowering that any melody you do have gets lost underneath it. just my opinion, but i've written shit like this before too, and in order to really work, it can't just be all dissonance. but yes, i am aware that it's all in taste. you don't need to get defensive about it. i'm just trying to give you constructive criticism.

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he isn't getting defensive he is just asking you to elaborate. when someone critiques your song and you don't really understand what they are saying wouldn't ask? I sure do, that why I am obnoxious when people critique my stuff. But as long as they explain themselves without saying "It just doesn't work" then i have no problem

I can see what you are saying though about not too much of a memorable melody. TS maybe if you made the piece less complex in certain places it would "catch" the ear better.
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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I want an amp good for playing hippie tunes. I want it to be an actual amp, not a tube amp.
Yeah that's the struggle I've had is finding that balance between complexity and catchiness. I personally love the D section, so I'm not going to take it, but it's more of a motivic section than melodic, so I can understand why you might not like it. I'll keep your response in mind for my next piece. And yeah, I wasn't trying to be defensive, I was just curious as to why you felt it didn't work.

The main thing is, is that what I wrote isn't I guess normal in the sense of the harmony, but more experimental. I drew a lot of classical influence for this one and was experimenting with some different harmonic techniques. I guess it's a hit or miss, seeing as some people really like it and others don't. I'm pretty happy with it though.