i have g.a.s. in the worst way but lack the funds to buy anything... here is what i want to trade
1.gibson les paul studio (fireburst)..dont play enough to keep around retail value-1300 trade-850

2.axl badwater eldorado inexpensive and cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjfvAXBoolg
retail value-350 trade-200

3.alvarez artist series 12 string maple/engleman..LOVE but dont play enough....retail value-749 trade-399

4.ibanez acoustic fretless bass exotic wood series (mahogany)... fun but dont play bass enough to keep it around....retail value-650 trade-399

5.fender super champ xd tube amp(cool tube amp with effects).....retail value-320 trade 200

6.blackheart little giant 5 w head (great amp but i dont play because i have the handsome devil 15 w.... it replaced the little giant and super champ xd)retail-200 trade-100

7.crate 15 w acoustic amp.(decent amp .. your guitar only louder... good for practicing at home...retail value-150 trade-75

misc other gear to add to trades but these are the main things i want to trade.. all purchased in the last year btw

here is what i want we can work any trade up down trade+cash whatever..


2. any acoustic of any sort will be considered... looking for a maple .. maybe an old 6** series taylor..maybe something else... also old guitars ... dot have to be perfect they can be players ... dont have to be super expensive... but would love an older gibby or martin... pm or email me what you have... pref email andrew.emmel@gmail.com.

3. anything else you might have... i just want to trade some of my gear... i am used to having new stuff all the time and now i cant afford it... whatever you want to trade hit me up i may be up for it...
BE VERY CAREFUL with Andrew.
I normally don't mess with peoples for sale threads but I wanted you guys to know about my experience.....so if you do deal with him....you can exercise GREAT caution. To be fair, he did not totally rip me off as he sent the guitar in trade, but his packaging was NON-EXISTENT (he actually sent a Gibson Les Paul in Gibson USA case with NO BOX or packaging of any kind, just taped it up and took it to FedEx. Much damage to case which diminished the value of the case and the neck sanding (not fully disclosed) destroyed the value that I attached to the guitar and he did NOTHING to try and reach happy compromise on making right on things. Bad deal.
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Since there is no such thing as perfect tone, and every rig has differences (however slight they may be), I hereby declare this claim as bullshit.
on the LP, would you be interested in trading for a '69 Reissue (Semi-Hollow) Telecaster? o.o it's a long shot but figured it was worth asking