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Just so you know, somewhere in the first minute is a pretty loud sound so don't have your speakers like blasting, but don't turn it down too much because it takes away the effect.

Yet another song inspired mainly by Pink Floyd. I may have gone a little overboard with production sounds, idk. I added the whole first minute in at the last minute, although it took like 1 hour of experimenting. So please tell me if it doesn't fit right.

But I'd rather let the music do the talking, so please check it out!

I will of course return crit as long as you leave a link.

This is pretty cool man. I like it. It could go with the clean part at the beginning shorter and the sound effects as well. I kept bracing myself for some epic vocals. I think the tone really fits this tune too. The song really has a full sound. All the phrasing in the solos is really exceptional. The effects at the end are a great close.

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It was really great how the solo built to a climax, though I would have to recommend just a little bit less shredding. If you mixed the shredding in with some big, sustained bends it would let the solo breath more. I really like your composition, it sounded like Pink Floyd but it still had a unique vibe to it. Vocals would really complete the song.

Also, I think the song could be just as effective if it were a couple minutes shorter. During the intro you could maybe add some other sound effects to build the tension. Very good work.

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Thanks guys

There are gonna be vocals when I get a singer and some lyrics, for now it's gonna have to be instrumental. About the shredding, I wanted to get a few choice licks in there at the climax, so I kinda went overboard. But there were like 8 solo takes, so there probably was one with a better ending, but I wanted one that built up better.