So here's the deal.

I just (few weeks ago) bought a used Ibanez for $65 to get a bit of a heavier sound than my strat. I didn't really know anything about the guitar when I bought it, but hell, it had a humbucker in it, and it was $65.

It sounds decent I guess, but I'm having a hell of a time keeping it in tune. I basically have to tune it after every song I play on it. I had it set professionally set up(almost totaled the guitar), and it plays fine now except for this problem.

I've narrowed it down to a few probabilities, but I'd like your input anyway in case I'm missing something.

1. (And most likely I'm thinking) It's a cheap piece of sh!t.

2. I'm used to the .13's on my strat, and overpowering the .11's I had the Ibanez set up for.

3. Problem with.... Well, see number 1.

I'm not talking a little out of tune either, it varies by string but they can be anywhere from a 1/4 to a 1/2 step flat every 5 min. It's basically not playable like this.

Is there anything I can do short of replacing the bridge and tuners?
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If your guitar is going out of tune to that degree every five minutes or so, the problem is either the bridge or the tuners, or perhaps even both. Basically, your strings are slipping at one or the other end of the guitar, causing them to go out of tune. If it is a hardtail bridge, then it is almost certainly the tuners. A good set of tuners will cost you more than the guitar is worth, so it is probably time to consider trading up...way up.

Good luck.
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Sounds like the strings haven't been stretched completely yet.

this or u need better tuners
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I got 70 dollar locking tuners. Only to find out I need to get my nut cut correctly because it keeps grabbing the strings and making a 'clincking' sound.
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Quote by jetwash69
Sounds like the strings haven't been stretched completely yet.

I'm thinking this too. How long ago was the guitar set up?
Make sure you use the correct stringing method in the setup thread, works wonders. Since I've been using that method I never go out of tune even with crappy hardware.
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