The sweep in question is one from the cross roads guitar duel by steve vai.


My current finger positioning is
1. Barring the top two strings at the 5th fret with the index finger
2. little finger hits 8th fret
3. Index finger shifts to bar the two strings at the 7th fret
4. pinky plays the 10 th fret
5. Index finger bars the 2 high strings at the 10th fret, pinky hits the 13th fret.
6. repeat backwards only barring all three 10's with the index finger

For pick motion - It's down strokes for all pair of strings - (5,5) ,(7,7), (10,10) and an upstroke for the 2nd note on each even string.
For the reverse motion i barre the top 3 strings at the 10th fret - upstroke sweep for each note.

Am I pulling this off correctly?
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personally id slide my index from the 7 to the 10 on the g string.

Edit: +1 to turtle, you have to hammer and pull off for that flowing sound.
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I haven't actually seen it played but, if the second notes aren't legato than that's not a sweep. That is the fingering I would use though.