Last night I was playing guitar over at my friends house, when for no apparent reason the input jack just fell out of my g-400. Two pieces came out, a metal cap thing and a nut while the rest of it pops in and out of the hole. I tried to put the nut back in but it wouldn't fasten (like it had been forcefully ripped out). How much should I expect to pay if I have to take it in to the shop. Is there anything I can do myself?
Are you saying the screws wont grip the wood? You can put a little gorilla glue on your screws and let it set
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By 'cap thing' do you mean washer? I think an SG, like most guitars, should just have a nut and a washer.
Open up the control cavity on the back and get a clear view of the situation, you should be able to poke the jack back through, slip the washer on the front, then while holding the jack, screw the nut back on the front.

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A picture would go a long way to figuring this out.

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Well I don't have a camera handy but here's a crudely done drawing I did in 5 minutes. The cap was on top which I'm guessing ultimately kept everything in place. The nut was below the cap and screwed onto that jigger there. Excuse my illiteracy.
Same thing happened to me. What I did was take the back part off and push the "part that keeps popping in and out" out of the guitar and then I put the washer on and screw on the nut and then put the back back on it and it worked well.
Its probably just tricky to get the nut thread lined up with the screw thread when you can't hold it still properly.

The washer goes on before the screw - its there to stop the nut damaging the hole and to give it something to tighten onto without digging into your guitar.

See if you can get to the inside of the jack socket by taking the panel off the back of your guitar, or taking the pickguard off. That way you can hold it still while you get the nut back on.

Failing that see if your dad has a pair of snipe nosed pliers you can borrow to hold onto the output jack while you get the nut onto it - it may help to turn it backwards a bit to get the threads lined up before you can screw it on.
It an easy fix. You will need to remove the cavity cover on the back though if the jack was loose it probably was twisting so you want to inspect the leads going to the jack to make sure they are not broken or shorted. If everything is fine just stick back thru the whole and tighten the nut while holding the jack from the back so it won't twist while your tightening the nut. To keep it from happening again get some clear fingernail polish and put just a little on the threads of the jack and let it get down between the nut and jack after it dries it acts like Lock-tite and it's clear so it will be invisible. It's less like to wiggle loose anytime soon and it will be easy to remove if you have to take it out for any reason. Just be careful not to get it on the finish!!

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