Pretty much what the thread title says, anyone know if Kent Armstrong pickups are decent? They cost around £40 give-or-take here (Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio pickups tend to be about £65, makes like Swineshead and Bare Knuckle tend to be around £100 - so these Kent Armstrong ones are very cheap in comparison). I'm thinking I might use them in a future Warmoth build, so long as they sound better than stock Squier pickups, I'm happy.
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i'm not fussed- though I have very limited experience with them. I've got the hot strat neck pickup in my eggle new york, and a custom bridge model (which doesn't appear to be in the normal KA range), and I don't really like them- they're a bit bright, brittle and sterile. Though I should add that I generally prefer lower output alnico pickups.

been hearing some good things about toneriders and irongears, that's where i'd be looking for cheap pickups, though i haven't tried them (the tonerider chorus pedal is very nice, though, but obviously that doesn't mean their pickups will be). Or if you're willing to go to £40 or so, rockmonkey pickups mightn't be much more, though I haven't tried those either.

Up to you, really.
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