Today when I woke up and started walking around my house, I felt a strange pain in my left buttcheek that connected to the upper part of my left leg. I though at first that I might have slept in an awkward position and that it might be the cause of my pain. As the day passed it got stronger and more noticeable, and I started checking around the internet for information about it. I found a condition called "Sciatica", and it appears to be what I have. I've been going to the gym recently and it says that sciatica is related to low back pain and compression of the sciatic nerve located on the leg, and they might be sympstoms of disc herniation.

I'm gonna go visit a doctor in the next days, but I'm feeling sad because even if it's not a herniation, sciatica is a lifelong illness.

Any of you ever heard about it?
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Never heard about that specifically, no, but in my junior year of high school I had a lower back problem in my muscles where the pain itself was so bad I couldn't actually get up and walk around.
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im not sure that pain in an asscheck is considered an illness.
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Could be that you need to have your back adjusted by a qualified chiropractor rather than to go see a "normal" doctor(is there such a thing?). I've got a herniated disc in my lower back that is bulging out and putting pressure on the sciatic nerve bundle for my right leg. It can be really painful at times, it can also cause numbness in my right leg, specifically the thigh area. It's possible that your back is just out of whack and needs to be realigned to remove the pressure from the nerves. And for the record, sciatica is normally an older persons ailment, not a young ones. It can happen to anyone, but if you are in generally good health and fit then you shouldn't have it unless you did something to jostle your vertebrae out of place.
Seems like you have a pretty serious case of the silly willies there TS
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i have a bad case of whiplash.....only got myself to blame by headbanging drunkenly and violently at a gig last night.And was crowdsurfing.

But i do have a buggered knee i blame a fencing injury when i used to actually do non drinkinh sports xD.
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TS never ask the pit for medical advice. It's always rape or teh aids or no definite answer or help whatsoever.

He didn't ask for advice. He just asked if we'd heard about it.

And sorry to hear about that, TS. Hope it's just something minor.
Don't know someone who has it, but any pain related to the sciatic nerve is surely painful. Take some analgesic, or apply warm compress man.
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