The title was funny
This was really good, the only thing i'd changed is the verse, it didn't felt right there.
The basslines ('cept from during verses) were awesome, warmed a bassist heart
Solo was nice, nothing to complain about.
Good work on this song dude, keep 'em coming!

8 of 10 (9 or 10 if you fixed the verses)

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This is a very catchy progression, and I think it works really well. Everything is structured professionally, and I like the drums a lot. Now are you adding vocals to it? It needs some kind of melody on top, whether it be instrumental or vocal. Other than that, I think its great! Good job man!
Haha, that was a cool little ditty. Really made feel like getting up and moving, ya know. It'd make an excellent pub song or something. Top notch!
thank you for the crit!
i checked your song before u crit mine, but i didnt crit because that way far from my style...
but anyway its C4C so here it is:
intro: i liked the build up with th drums, i suggest u add a lead solo when the drums enters
Verse: its ok, i dont know what to say
chorus:mmm, i kinda liked what the second guitar does
bridge: ok nth special
solo outro: good work with the lead guitar!
the ending suits well i guess....