Hello Electric Forum . Okay, so tommorrow, I'm going to a recording studio with my friend [who plays bass.. or well, tries] & I'm looking for some riffs to play while I'm there. Last time I went, I fell in love with the amp, it makes my crappy thing look well.. more crap . Anyway, what are some quite easy riffs to play (that are easy to remember like Sunshine of your love)?
Thanks in advance .
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Smoke on the water
Smells like teen spirit

The easy stuff basically..

already know them but thanks anyway.

Okay, maybe a bit harder stuff instead?..
back in black? by ACDC thats a fun one to learn

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Just jam around or something.
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Blood And Thunder - Mastodon
Seek And Destroy - Metallica
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Demigod, Conquer All, Ov Fire And The Void, Lucifer
By Behemoth (maybe a little too heavy)
Tons of Metallica. Also try Muse. Both bands always have great riffs.

For Metallica songs like Enter Sandman, Master Of Puppets etc.

For Muse songs like Plug In Baby, Supermassive Black Hole.
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Me too... me too...
>Smoke on water -Deep purple
>Sweet Child O Mine -Guns N' Roses
>Welcome to the jungle -Guns N' Roses
>Back in black -AD/DC
>Iron Man -Black Sabbath
>Purple Haze -Jimi Hendrix
>Crazy Train -Ozzy Osbourne
>Paranoid -Black sabbath
>Enter Sandman -Metallica
>Master of puppets -Metallica
>Sweet home alabama -Lynyrd Skynyrd
>Smells like teen spirit -Nirvana
>Whole lotta love -Led Zeppelin
>Paradise City -Guns N' Roses
>Walk this way -Aerosmith
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Some kind of monster- metallica..........really easy but awesome sounding & master of puppets