Ok, so I'm having major problems. I just can't seem to write a song?! I can think of something that I'd like to write about, such as falling in love or being cheated on or something like that, but when it comes to actually writing the song I never know how to start. My mind just goes blank! And I just can't write a chorus that is nicely repetitive but not so repetitive it turns into Scouting for Girls.. if that makes sense? I love how The Fratellis write their choruses, I'd like to be able to write mine in that sort of style I heard somewhere once that all the verses are supposed to somehow tell a story, but I don't quite get it. Can anyone help me out? Just some tips on how to start writing and write a good chorus would be absolutely great.

And maybe this thread will help other people like me sometime.
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i personally just fidle around till i get a good riff
then i think what sort of sound the riff has eg. sad, angry
then get some lyrics goin
then finish of the music.

everyone does it different ways, that works for me but might not for you
I suggest reading a lot and forcing yourself to write. A lot of people don't think you should force creativity but you'll only improve with practice. The more you write, the easier it will get. Most lyricists/poets have written things which are terrible, but it's through trial and error that they improve. So, put anything down on paper, regardless of how stupid it is, and do this constantly. I personally find that more effective than "waiting for inspiration".

innertom: he's referring to lyrics I think.
if your going for lyrics, just write and if you get stuck a ryming dictionary may help.
dont worry about what your writing about, when i started writing id just pick something in my room and try to desrcribe it in song
some people just aren't meant to write songs.
my girlfriend can write songs in 10 minutes, sometimes she writes 4 or 5 in a day and all of them are damn good ones aswell.
I however, don't even know where to begin, she's said she doesn't look for inspiration, just starts writing and it turns into a song so some people (i.e. my girlfriend) are just naturally gifted with song-writing talent, other people (i.e. me and TS by the sounds of it) aren't.
it's the way life works. . .
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thats bullshit, anyone can right a song
some people are naturally better than others
you just need to work on it, its like painting, you cant paint a master peice your first time, it takes lots of work
Don't give up! I'm not sure I should be saying that since I suck at songwriting too, but oh well! It's not just about the level of talent that you're blessed with; it's primarily about the hard work and effort you put in to improve your art. I agree with innertom; there are different degrees of talent, but really anyone can write a decent song if they have the dedication for it and practise.

If you've seen Naruto, it's kind of like the whole Lee being a "genius of hard work" thing. Psht. I haven't watched anime in oh-so-long.
here's a tip: if you don't feel anything to write about, make shit up. get some characters going, or any situation you want, let it play out in your head like it is real, and believe it
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It took me years to get anywhere good with my writing. As was mentioned earlier in the thread, you need to write loads of crappy stuff before you learn what works and what doesn't. Find your inner voice, and all that.

Positive thing that you've got some examples of what you'd like your style to be - studying goes before anything else. When you're learning to drive, they don't just stick you in a car right away, do they?

In conclusion, definitely write down anything you think of, even if it's stupid. Getting the useless stuff out of your head will help clear your mind for the good stuff...you know?
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When you're learning to drive, they don't just stick you in a car right away, do they?

Sure they do.

But I do agree with what you're saying. TS, I'd agree with everyone; just write anything you can possibly think of, even if it's terrible. Just practice and practice. It'll come!
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Instead of starting with an idea for a song, start with an image you find powerful, that way a whole verse or chorus of your song is already pretty much written for you. Start with the concrete images that will fill up the song and then "what the song is about" will work itself in automatically.

To talk about the chorus and about the verses coming together to make a story, think about it this way:
IMO the best repetitive choruses are the ones in which each verse ends up slightly changing the meaning of the chorus that follows it. You'll use the same words in each chorus (or very slight changes) but the new information of each verse will alter what a listener gets out of the chorus each time she hears it.

Your verses can come together and tell a story without being about the same thing too, I often will write a song about a topic and v1 features an individual person or two, v2 features a whole community and the effects on it, and then v3 will come back down to some kind of alternative.. That's just one of an infinite number of ways to not make all your verses about the same girl, or your dead dog, or whatever.

Quote by JazzyNutter
I can think of something that I'd like to write about, such as falling in love or being cheated on or something like that

And not to get too prescriptive, but the sooner you get away from those topics, the faster you'll be able to grow as a songwriter and then come back to those topics with some talent later if you want. Don't get me wrong, those are some of the most universal topics ever and most important to folks, but not that many of the great songs that seem like a teenager pouring himself out onto the page actually came from a teenager pouring himself onto the page. You just let the emotional garbage flow unaltered into a love song and you're going to end up sounding like Taylor Swift
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ever been through hell?
ok. Dont force it.
you may not be ready.
feel it? write it abstract thats fun.
Hey man, get out of the house some time. Take walk, take drive to a new area of town or do some work outside: cut grass, rake leaves, or even pull weeds!! Sometimes you have to get away from that blank sheet of paper to come up with material. Dude!! I've come up with some great riffs and lyrics just mopping and waxing my kitchen floor!!
Maybe this lesson will help your overall song writing process.


As for lyrics, you need to focus on developing a theme first. Once you have a theme, you can write the lyrics. One method I use is to get a note book and write words that pop into my head related to the theme. For example, if your theme is taking a walk on the beach.......I would jot downs words like, beach, water, ocean, waves, sun, palm trees, hot, sand, rocks, birds, towel, bikinis.....etc. You get the idea. This list of words may help when developing the actual lyrics.

Just tell a story.........
I would come up with a nice melody and write lyrics for it. xD
The way I write is to jjust sit and think until I come up with a good line or thought, write it down, refine it and then build off it.
I'm responding to damn near everyone. Fact is some people cannot write a song. You want to know how I know this? I can play 16ths at 300bpm In all sorts of ways. But........I still can't write a song. My old man tried to tell me the same thing. My dad would say
"I can shred and riff all day long, but I can't write a song.
Fact is some people lack a creative quality. Look At Metalocalypse that shit is creative. Simple yet complex.
I can write killer riffs left write and up and down. But putting them together is abother story.

I know how the notes work.
I'm very musically adapt especially theory wise and guitar wise
But yet I write one killer riff and try to tie it together with another and it doesn't work

Does anyone else have this issue? Plz let me know
I'm legit just lonely. Would be grateful to have help one way or another. I'm just looking for a musician I can play off of.
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1234432112344321r I struggled with this for a very long time myself!! (Although, I can't tell from your comment whether or not you want to put lyrics to something or keep it purely instrumental...) I was frustrated and disillusioned with the whole process for a long time. Strangely enough, it wasn't until I quit music and got really into drawing and visual art that things started to click for me...) It's almost difficult to explain, but being able to observe my mind learning and working through a different creative process gave me fresh eyes when I returned to music. I wasted many hours overthinking my songs because I wanted all of them to be "perfect"... I also thought that if I just practiced my instrument more I'd be more creative and would write better music, but musical ability and songwriting skills are two entirely different skill sets.

Unfortunately, I don't have any quick tips for you, but I can say that my songwriting process improved drastically when I made a commitment to sit down and write for an hour every day. Anyone can learn to write great songs, but you have to be willing to write a lot, and write every day, and spend time reading books that break down great songs and show you effective tools. (Writing every day is the most important part, though.)