I was just thinking while eating a bowl of soup, that it must be one of the most eaten foods out there, it would be soup rationed in dire cases etc, which leads me to ask - what is your favourite soup? Mines tomato, for sure.
Rhubarb soup.
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Rum soup

The end.
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tomato soup if i get a grilled cheese with it
otherwise mushroom
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Clam chowder.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
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Anything mixed up with alcohol and cocain.

tried to guess your age based on this post but i was a year off, i'm getting rusty
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Soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup!
A spicy carrot and corriander!!
[Chilli Chowder!]
Crunchy friends in a liquid broth!
I am dispatchio, oh!
I am missala soho.
Misso misso,
Fighting in the Dojo,
Misso misso...
Oriental friends in the land of SOUP!

but seriously.....Chicken or Scotch Broth
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tried to guess your age based on this post but i was a year off, i'm getting rusty

You do realize that this is merely a joke, and that my actual favorite soup is tomato soup with those little meat balls?

Favourite Shoop?
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exactly what i was thinking, was even weirder when it was directly below this thread.
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Cookie Soup:

When you run out of Cookie Crisp, crush up cookies and pour milk on them. Cookie Soup.
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Tomato soup
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Wonton Vegetable Soup. The best, easily.
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Beef broth. With two slice of thick white toast with creamy english butter.

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Clam chowder, chicken noodle (I almost typed n00ble, hehehehe....), chicken wild rice, beef barley and pumpkin bisque.
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The tomato & lentil soup my gran used to make.
Sure, it was just lentil soup with heinz cream of tomato mixed in, but it was the sh*t. Mum makes a pretty good version though.
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**** all of you!!

Now i want some soup!

But i should really go to sleep.

hmmm.....tough choice.

Go to sleep IN an enormous pot of soup?
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Go to sleep IN an enormous pot of soup?

I don't have an enormous pot.

But no, that's just gross, so nevermind.

Nope....can't be done.

Any other ideas?