Ok. gibson les pauls are supposed to sound better than epiphone les pauls and fender twin reverbs sound better than a hot rod deluxe. What would sound better then; gibson with the HRD or epiphone with the twin reverb? Im thinking it would be the latter. Also, would an epiphone with upgrade pickups such as seymour duncans sound near as good as the gibson?????
Amp has more tonal dominance than a guitar so, twin reverb.

Then again tone is subjective, so one person may like the HRD more, another the twin reverb.

Theres not such of a question there, rather just asking for peoples opinions.

Also regarding the Epiphone & SD's it's all about what amp you are running through.

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I honestly don't know why this needs to be a question. If you prefer the tone of the HRD, get the Gibson and the HRD. If you prefer the tone of the TR, get the TR and the Epiphone.
Or save up and get the Gibson with whichever amp you prefer.
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