I'm an acoustic guitarist/singer songwriter. I perform quite often, mostly my original works but I love to cover Newton Faulkner and John Butler n that I currently play a Luna Henna Oasis Cedar, which I love, it's got great tone from the preamp and it's really easy to play. HOWEVER, it's utterly dreadful for guitar percussion (possibly because of it's small folk style body). I find myself playing my older guitar with a bigger body, but the preamp and playability of it fails in comparison, does anyone know of a guitar that has a great preamp and playability, but still has the capabilities for percussion, that the preamp will also pick up on?


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Norman, Seagull, A&L, any of those brands that fall under the Godin company are pretty solid for what your looking for in my opinion. Particularly the Norman B-20 or anything in the Solid Wood Series by Seagull.
Personally, I love the Seagull S6-Slim, the neck is amazing, but has no preamp
Ibanez maybe...
anything with a Dreadnought body shape would work as well
Oh! try a new string as well, Phosphor Bornze strings (daddario) could help. They have a wonderful ring and a bright/ crisp sound