hi guys! i want to hear your opinion to my first complete song i made month ago...

i cant exactly say want style it is...quite rock..
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Its not too bad for a first song. I felt that the rhythm guitar got a bit repetitive and some of the leads might have been out of scale. A lot of parts are repeated too much. The solo is alright but I think you could have done a lot more with it. The part after the solo is way too long and gets really repetitive.

Overall, its not that bad for a first song but there is room for improvement. I would trim the repetitive parts out and replace them

If you have time, I'd love some critique on my song

This was pretty good for a first song. The solo started of really bad to be honest, but when you started with teh bends and stuff, it became quite good. You should work a little on the right-panned guitar in the chorus a little i think, because it get's quite repititive. But this is a good song, and keep in mind that this song needs some work, and as you work on it, it will get better over time. Keep it up dude!

6 / 10

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