My voice is to soft, we have to max the little bass amp that my band uses to practice just to somewhat hear me. Not only that, but when I try to get loud my voice gets raspy and tired quickly.

Is there anyway to make my voice naturally louder without the aggressiveness?

We play shoe-gaze and Post-Rock so the music is ****ing loud just to get a good tone. So I can't just turn down the instruments.
warm your voice up first, usually helps.
Alcohol when singing is usually a no, no.
Other than that, keep practising.
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try get it right from your diaphragm this will make it ten times louder mate
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Yeah, I don't think a bass amp is gonna cut it, man. Try a proper PA first. If you're still real quiet, look up some projection techniques and proper mic technique. Sing into the very BACK of the microphone, and try to reach the very back of the audience. Don't count on the microphone to automatically put you above all the other instruments. You also might want to look into how to use compression effectively.
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try get it right from your diaphragm this will make it ten times louder mate


Okay, say your playing a trumpet (or most any other band instrument for that matter). You're not going to get a very good tone if you breathe from your lungs, because you have no air support. If you breathe from the diaphragm, not only does your tone improve, but so does your volume, and your control over dynamics and other things such as vibrato and such.

One day our band instructor had us warm up before band practice by playing scales. Before we even had finished playing our Eb major scale he stopped us and made us do some breathing exercises with him.

After we finished doing the exercises, he told us to play the scale again, making sure we were using our diaphragm. I was astounded by how much our tone quality and volume improved. I could see the sunshine from our band teacher's beaming smile a mile away.

So yes. Use your diaphragm. It's so very very very important. Also, try to relax while singing, I've listened to a few post rock bands and them seem to tense up while singing. Tensing up also makes your tone quality and volume utter shite.

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