I've been looking at purchasing a crafter fx550-eq purely on the basis that it has a slim enough body to allow me to play comfortably.

I have weird shaped ribs and most acoustic guitars dig into my chest. Comfortable play is the priority, with sound quality second. I'd also like it to be able to take a fair bit of punishment while playing (a lot of requirements, I know.)

I don't specifically need an electro-acoustic, though I like the idea of an onboard tuner. I have learnt to play on an electric guitar and would love a guitar which had the feel of an electric.

My budget can stretch up to £250, though preferably a little less.

Any recommendations, other than the crafter?
Thanks for the reply. Do you know if this is a better option than the crafter fx550?

I've looked through the under $300 dollar thread and like the look of the yamaha fg730s. However, I'm unsure whether it'll be comfortable for me to play.

Any other kind folks willing to offer advice?
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are most of the guitars you play a certain style? i'm wondering because a lot of people have trouble with dreds and you might find an OM, GA or GC to be more comfortable without going with a slim body.