hello, I've been playing for a year in February, and my acoustic guitar was stolen about 6 months ago. Been playing electric acoustic style. I have around 80 dollars and i really want something used to play around with nothing good, unless possible. I play alternative, and various acoustic stuff. thanks.
try going used on your local craigslist.
you might find something.
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Yes, definitely try used. However, some of the best guitarists and banjo players that I've seen use the cheapest beat-up crap you can imagine. It's more the player than the instrument.
At one end of the spectrum, you have guys like Willie Nelson who have played one instrument so long it's practically a part of them.

You just gave me an idea for a new thread.
Id also say by a 2nd hand guitar as did after buying a new guitar
shouldve bought 2nd hand at 1st and saved money really

i got a 2nd hand guitar for £90 british money and it was like new as i got from a bloke whom never had the time to play it though my guess is he just gave up to easily and never had the patience as many people dont

One thing buying 2nd hand though a bloke can sell you a guitar which has some kind of trouble and you may end up with a guitar that gives u some kind of a problem so beware

Better taking someone if possible with experience of guitars to go with you
to check the guitar over for any faults
that way you either get a bargain or not get ripped off buying a dud guitar.
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