ive been playing guitar for about 8 years and id like to start learning bass as well. are there any good tube amps between $300-$400? id be willing to spend the extra money for a decent jump in quality but im really not sure what to get when it comes to bass amps. i play anything from megadeth/metallica type metal stuff to 70's classic rock. i appreciate the help.
Hybrids, maybe, but no "real" tube amps at that price. Are you looking for a combo, or a separate head/cab?

tube heads

Bugera is sketchy, since they're some sort of Behringer spin-off. And Behringer quality is less that decent.

Carvin makes nice, transparent stuff. So does hartke, kustom, peavey, and others. Ashdown (haven't actually tried it myself) is supposed to be a warmer, rock sound.
Why do you want a tube amp specifically? There's basically no combos like that and most bass tube heads are very commonly $1000 or more.

While it might be true for guitar that tube amps "sound" better bassists usually want a clean sound so most amps and heads are solid state.
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You are going to get the same advice from a lot of people but I might as well start. We don't usually use tube amps. Most bass players don't drive their amps into distortion willingly so amp overdrive is rare. We do need lots more power because our ears are less efficient at low frequencies. Most bassists will go for lots of watts (200W+) and it is much cheaper to go for solid state/transistor amps at this level I use a 600W Ashdown for example. Increasingly popular are the new digital amps like the Mark Bass. If you do go tube then the Orange sounds good but will be much too expensive.