I need to replace a few frets on my 88 strat and I am wondering how much its going to cost to have it done. I'm in California.

Thanks in advance for all the answers.
45-60 bucks that's with some labor.
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You also need to consider the size, style and type of fretwire that will be used. If you are doing only a few frets, you have to make sure the new ones match the rest of your frets. If you were doing all of the frets, you could use a different size and style of fretwire. You could also use stainless steel fretwire, which is more expensive.
depends on the guitar as different manufacturers use different gauge and style wiring. shouldnt be over 60 tho
I<D say $58.67 which is average ,but that ,s if you take it in at aprx. 2.00pm on a WED.